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Event 24 September 2016
By: Herbana

Natural Urban Living with Herbana


Herbana in collaboration with Indoestri hosted a full day of workshops in celebration of their Relief Sari product launch last September 2016. We also held a press conference and a screening of “In Search of Relief Sari”, a series of short videos directed by Davy Linggar, concluded with a live demo on easy herbal home remedies by natural health practitioner, Tjok Gde Kerthyasa.

In the first workshop instructed by Indoestri and Tan-euh, the participants were guided to create their very own wooden plant stand from scratch and to learn the fundamentals of urban farming. The second workshop by Ibu Sancaya Rini of Kana Goods allowed the participants to produce beautiful dyeing liquid for clothing using natural sources, such as woods, fruits or leafs.

During the press conference, Mulyo Rahardjo, CEO of Deltomed Laboratories Jesslyn Angelia, our product manager spoke about the new range of single herb extract supplements, Relief Sari as well as the values of quality, simplicity and honesty that the brand hopes to deliver to consumers through their herb-based products.

Jesslyn highlighted that “People surely are becoming more mindful of their health these days; they are becoming more aware of how the products they consume can affect their health in the long run.” This is why we were inspired to make healthy lifestyle #EffortlesslyPossible.

Following the workshop and press conference, a series of short videos directed by David Linggar were screened to show our pursuit of medicinal herbs on various soils in Indonesia. The event was wrapped with a live demo on easy herbal home remedies by Tjok Gde Kerthyasa, our brand ambassador who is also Indonesia’s prominent natural health practitioner. He shares the same passion and belief in nature’s healing power, which is what we strive for at Herbana.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the workshops, and joined us in our #EffortlesslyPossible movement. We hope that the we have inspired you to live your best life.