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Take Your Time 4 February 2017
By: Herbana

Amanda Gwendoline Winarno
Pure Foods Company


We live in a time of instant gratification. But here at Herbana, we believe that the journey is more important than the destination. We believe that the best changes are made one step at a time. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, we want to remind people to sit back, live slowly and enjoy the journey.

Take Your Time is a series of conversations with people that inspire us. Here, they talk about what it means to take our time in a fast moving world and what it means to enjoy the little things in life.


Amanda Gwendoline Winarno co-founded Pure Foods Company with her partner Yudha Budhisurya, with a goal of providing nutritious food without compromising on taste.

What inspires you?

So many things inspire me. I find inspirations in people, in events, in quotes, places, in movies, songs, so many things… I find inspirations in anything and everything. And I love it. I love how everything has an energy and you see or feel it and it just hits you like and “a ha” moment. Life is beautiful like that. Sometimes these inspirations come to me just when I really need it. It’s like a reminder from the universe, a confirmation saying “I got your back.”

What do you like to do on your free time?

I love to simply cuddle with my lover while watching DVDs. So relaxing and we each get our boost of oxytocin. Otherwise it’s catching up with friends or family, reading a book, going out for dinner date, cooking, anything and everything that makes me happy.

When and where do you feel centered and balanced?

For me being outdoors in nature is most centering and balancing. But since we don’t have the luxury to be outdoors in this great big city, my home is the next place I feel centered and balanced. It’s my sanctuary, a safe haven for me. 

Have you recently encountered change in your life?

The whole last year I was plagued with acne problem. We are not talking about the occasional pimple. We are talking about full-blown volcanic eruptive acne that covered my whole face and neck. It is something that I have never experienced in my life, not even as a teenager. So after a series of skin doctors and hearing the same thing over and over again, that it’s stressed, it’s hormonal, etc. I somehow find my way to a functional medicine doctor (basically a doctor that gets to the root cause of the problem) and he told me that I have leaky gut which is basically an auto-immune disorder. First thing that came to my mind was actually how clever our body is in telling us that something is not right. And that we really need to find out what is the underlying cause of it. So then I started researching about the condition and I am now applying all the ways and remedies proposed for this disorder. So I accept it as part of me and find ways to live with it. Because sometimes, a lot of times, we have to live with something that’s not necessarily ideal, but that’s part of our journey nonetheless. So how to accept it with all your heart. And for me, I discover that that’s is actually part of the healing itself.

Do you have a long term goal, and how do you motivate yourself to achieve it?

Well, yes and no. Yes I would like to see my business grow, yes I would like to see my kids also grow into their own individual being and lead a happy and fruitful life, I too gear myself towards that direction, and so on and so forth… but at the end of the day, I try to take things one day at a time and just live at this moment in time. And how do I motivate myself? I show up! Each and everyday, come rain or shine, even when I don’t feel like my very best, I show up. I show up to work, I show up to taking after my kids, I show up looking after my household. I am there and I try to be present in that moment. I guess that in a way is my motivation. Simply to be there and being ‘present’ in the moment.

Do you have any advice to stay balanced and healthy when work or life in general gets intense?

I think I’m pretty good at saying “ok, I’ve had enough of this. I need a time out.” Just know yourself and know your limit. Know your body as it will give you signals if you are pushing your limit. I always try to incorporate a few days of exercise in my weekly routine. I try to meet up and see my friends over a quick lunch or tea during the week. I try to stick with my awareness of what food my body can and cannot handle and I respect that. I try to squeeze in some kind of meditation in my day, and by meditation it can be something I really enjoy doing and I simply immerse myself in that. When I get super stressed I can even play some Stevie Wonder and just sing my heart out, just to let off some steam. Dancing to the song also does wonder.