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What is Herbana?

Herbana is an all-natural brand offering a range of herbal products aimed to make a healthy and balanced life effortlessly possible. We started herbana because living healthy should be simple and easy and yet everyday we are surrounded by chemicals and dangerous toxins that compromise our health. Here at herbana, we want to address this problem. We believe that nature offers the kind of simplicity and ease that we all need and so our job is to deliver nature's abundant healing powers straight to you.

Our first line of products is called Relief Sari, we are currently cooking up more herbal goodness for you. Stay tuned!

What is Relief Sari?

Relief Sari is our line of highly concentrated extracts of individual herbs. Expanded into nine variants, each and every one of our herbs are locally sourced and expertly researched. Our standardized extraction process ensures that all of nature's goodness is delivered to you in its most potent form.

Is it okay to combine your herbs?

Yes! We recommend finding the right balance for your body. Keep in mind that it's better to consume only one herb with similar functions (for example: pick either jahe merah or kunyit for your digestive health, but not both)

Are your herbs vegan?

Yes. Our herbal extracts are 100% natural and our capsules are made out of algae!