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Health 27 June 2018
By: Natasha Tanga

How to Recover After A Long Trip


As Eid-Al-Fitr is ending, a lot of people are coming back from their hometown to the cities to resume their work and regular activities. However, for some people this resuming takes a lot of energy, especially when they drove long-distance or took a long flight back home. What then should you do to overcome this common post-holiday problem? On this week's journal, we shed a light on how to prepare your physical and mental being after the holidays are over. Read on!

1. Ensure a stress-free return

The first and foremost way to make sure you get complete rest upon your return is to ensure there are no urgent tasks after the trip. While home errands seem to be stacking up after the holiday, it's better to set some time aside to unwind and get ready to go back to your routine. Even better if you plan things before you leave; so that all the necessary work has been done and the burden to do them are already taken off your shoulders.

Also, you might want to review some of the things you need to do during your return to work. This is done to prevent work-related stress that can worsen your post-trip fatigue. By doing so, you will know what to expect on your return and prepare accordingly.

2. Give yourself an ample recovery time

Coming home from a long trip and getting back into the daily work routine is the last thing you should do. You need to set aside some recovery time, therefore try to include a couple of recovery days post-trip, so that you have time to adjust before going back to your routine. Although this might seem like you're taking a couple days off to slack, it's better to set some time off to rest and acclimate yourself to the routine, as well as refreshing your body and mind.

3. Relax & catch up on lost sleep

This simple yet often forgotten step is crucial to help bring back your normal energy levels. There’s nothing as restorative as the power of sleep; therefore, don't deprive yourself from it. Get yourself at least 8 hours of sleep at night to ensure a fresher feel when you wake up in the morning.

When you get enough sleep, stress goes away and you can feel more relaxed. Do your best to make the best sleep conditions possible. Make sure there are no disturbances like phone alerts or other electronic devices. If it helps, taking a warm bath before heading to bed, eat a light meal, and exercise early in the day rather than just before bedtime can also help you unwind and get into a relaxed state.

4.  Stay active & keep yourself hydrated

Even if your fatigue makes you feel like you're not in the mood to do any exercises, doing the opposite can sometimes help. This doesn't mean that you should overwork your body if it is really tired, but do know that exercise can help you bounce back into that energy level you had before the trip. Also, exposure to daylight can help recover faster from post-travel fatigue. 

As exercise help combat your tiredness, even moreso when you hydrate yourself properly. Drink your water regularly so that your metabolism doesn't go whack and keeps your body properly functioning. Dehydration, caffeine and alcohol all worsen the symptoms of fatigue, therefore you might want to stay away from those things for the time being.

5. Get a massage

A simple body massage is a great way to revive you from muscle pain and refresh your mind as well. Letting your body relax through massage and a hot bath afterwards will allow you to sleep better, making this a perfect cure for post-trip fatigue. Getting a foot massage also works as your legs need to rest and blow off the physical pressure caused by hours of driving.

You might want to use essential oils during the massage as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, they can relieve muscle pain efficiently. Smoothly rubbing your legs and arms with these oils can also improve blood circulation providing warmth to your body, while the pleasant aroma will boost your mood.