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Health 5 July 2018
By: Natasha Tanga

7 Tips to Get Back in Shape After The Holidays


Did you have a hard time sticking true to your diet over the Eid holidays? Good news, you’re not alone. This week, we are going to share some tips to shed off some weight after those scrumptious holiday meal and getting ready to finally achieve your health and fitness goals.

1. Eat more vegetables

By reducing your meat intake and switching into a plant-based diet, it makes your system work more effectively as well as putting in more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into your body. Vegetables are processed into energy more quickly and keep you feeling more energetic and "lighter" throughout the day.

2. Regulate your sugar, salt and fat intake

Be mindful of your sugar intake as it can change your food cravings, promote weight gain, and disrupt your blood sugar. Liquid calories, like sugary drinks, are worse than those from food because they get funneled straight to your liver without going through any breakdown or filtration process. Also, they don’t make you feel full, instead making your body craves it more and enters a vicious cycle of sugar addiction. Switch to water, tea, and black coffee for a better health. Also, natural sugars from fruits are very recommended. 

Salt is also something you’ll want to reduce to avoid high blood pressure, food cravings, and water retention in the body. Salt, or sodium, naturally occurs in all foods and especially high in processed food, such as snacks and chips.

Lastly, reach for healthy fats, such as those found in protein-rich foods like avocados, nuts and omega-3-rich fish instead of taking in oils that have been refined and highly processed.

3. Start taking probiotics & natural supplements

There are millions of microorganisms living in a healthy gut, and maintaining them and their environment helps your body efficiently absorb all of the good stuff and eliminate the bad. You can get a lot of probiotics from natural food sources like yogurt and other fermented foods, but you can also take probiotic supplements to give your body that extra boost.

A healthy gut helps regulate the rest of your body, as it can help with digestion as well as stress and fatigue. Therefore, you might want to try our Relief Sari Jahe Merah and Relief Sari Kunyit, as these natural supplements are made from plant extracts and can help aid your digestion to function more effectively.

4. Increase your magnesium intake

Magnesium is great for relieving stress and fatigue from deficiency. After all those feasts, you might feel tired and overstuffed. However, magnesium can help give your body a little boost, as it is also good for the heart and blood pressure.

Natural sources of magnesium are readily available to be consumed. Whole grains, nuts, fish, and dark green vegetables can be incorporated to your diet after the holidays. You can also take supplements or snack on pumpkin seeds or almonds to make sure you get your daily dose.

5. Hydrate regularly

In order to release and flush out the toxins in your body, make sure you drink a sufficient amount of water each day. Try to at least drink 8-10 glasses (about 2 liters) of water daily.

6. Do simple exercises

Even though you might not be big on exercising, be reminded that it is really important to ensure a healthy metabolism throughout your body. Perhaps instead of hitting the gym, discipline yourself to frequently go for a walk after meals to help clear glucose from the bloodstream and help oxygenate your organs so digestion goes smoothly. As the body has its own circulatory system to get rid of toxins, the more constant your oxygen supply is, the easier it can get rid of toxic build up from all those meals you've eaten.

7. Be sensible in doing your diet

Completely cutting fats and sugar after feasting all holiday season can hurt you more than help you. In fact, our body can get into a deprivation mode and making you more prone to binge in these sweet stuff. Also, doing your diet doesn’t mean starving, nor does it mean you’re performing a drastic reduction on your food intake. To succeed, it's important to strike a balance between consuming nutritious food as well as implementing healthier life habits.