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Health 19 August 2019
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Ways Gotu Kola Can Help Boost Your Health


Gotu Kola, widely known in Indonesia as pegagan, is one of our newly launched Relief Sari variant that boasts numerous health benefits. From helping to improve blood circulation to reducing stretch marks and promote wound healing, this plant offers a range of maintenance for your body to operate optimally. On this week's journal, we will be explaining more on why you should consider consuming this natural supplement on a daily basis. Read on!

1. Helps improve venous circulation

Gotu kola is known to support healthy veins and vessels throughout the circulatory system. Triterpenes, a substance found in gotu kola may help improve the tone of veins making them less susceptible to the degenerative processes that can lead to varicose veins and and haemorrhoids. The herb was also found to improve microcirculation and leg volume, thus helping to reduce swelling and repair vein circulation in individuals with venous conditions.

2. Maintains health of the nervous system

As stress is a byproduct of pressure, which is common occurence in the hectic urban lifestyle, a lot of people are under the risk of having stress and anxiety. Consuming gotu kola extract in a regular basis can help you relieve these stresses, anxiety, as well as increasing mental functions. Its therapeutic potential comes from an antianxiety agent that helps calm the adrenal glands, which helps induce sleep, lowers the release of stress hormone and increases dopamine and serotonin levels.

Moreover, treating this matter seriously will prevent you from contracting various nervous disorders which can cause health complications in the future. Some of them includes Parkinson's disease, Carpal tunnel syndrome, and paralysis.

3. Improves memory and brain power

Gotu kola is also a popular brain food as it is able to improve brain power. Consuming this supplement daily may help in enhancing the ability to learn and increase memory retention. Gotu kola's ability to reduce oxidative stress can also help in stimulating the brain’s neural pathways by eliminating plaque and free radicals from the brain. Ayurvedic treatment has been using this herb to treat mental and cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer's.

4. Helps to heal wounds faster

Gotu kola is traditionally used to treat minor wounds. It contains a chemical called triterpenoids that appear to speed wound healing, boost antioxidants at the wound site, strengthen the skin as well as increase blood supply to the wounded area. When consumed in its natural or powdered form, increased antioxidant activity found in the herb aid in stimulating blood flow to the cells and protects your immune system against infections, enabling it to speed up the healing process in your body.

5. Helps reduce stretch marks

Studies have shown that gotu kola can be effective in treating cellulite, or more commonly known as stretch marks. Gotu Kola contains powerful compounds called triterpenes that influence the production of lysine and proline. They are two amino acids needed to produce collagen, that can help regenerate the bounce and firmness of the skin. Also, a component found in the herb, called Saponins, has a tightening and firming action on the skin, thus helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.