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Kesehatan 14 January 2022
By: Natasha

5 Simple Tricks to Eat Healthier


When it comes to yearly resolutions, sometimes it takes a great will to implement new habits in your life. Especially when aiming for big goals, as you would have to do major changes in your lifestyle in order to achieve them. However, there are actually small changes that you can do which can impact the outcome quite significantly, especially when you do these things in a constant manner. On this week's journal, we will be mentioning some simple tips that can contribute to your health this new year. Read on!

1. Add fruits to your breakfast

Consuming more fruits can be good for health, as it means extra fiber intake as well as vitamins and minerals for your body. Fruits can be consumed all day, as a snack or on the side during breakfast. Its natural sugars will give you energy boost and curb your sweet cravings during the day. Fruits also provide you with digestive benefits thanks to their fiber content, preventing constipation and promoting better bowel movement.

2. Consume a portion of vegetables with every meal

Similar to fruits, vegetables should be a staple in your diet as they are packed with vitamins and minerals that are crucial to support health. Vegetable consumption can also promote frequent bowel movement since they are packed with fiber. Therefore, consuming leafy greens with your every meal can truly benefit your health in the long run.

3. Make sure to have enough protein intake

As a crucial building block for the body, protein is not only good for maintaining muscle mass for those who are looking to bulk up, but also to help maintain healthy weight by curbing your hunger. Amino acids found in protein are also needed to support health, as they are useful to promote muscle growth and increasing metabolism. Aside from the muscles, other parts of the body, like bones, skin, nails, and hair also benefit from sufficient protein consumption.

4. Alternative cooking method

When you're trying to control your weight, not only portion control is important, but the way you prepare your meals also determines the caloric intake you'll be getting at the end of the day. You might not want to sacrifice taste for healthier options, but there are certainly plenty of ways to prepare and serve your meals heartily. 

Frying foods, for example, will cost you more calories compared to grilling, baking, or steaming. In order to tackle this, you can always invest in good kitchen utensils, such as good quality non-stick pans. The added oil in the process of cooking your food are used to give grease to the pan and prevent them from sticking, so getting this may be good for the long run.

5. Cut down on sugars

Another simple yet major factor in supporting your efforts to maintain weight is by reducing consumption of sugar. A lot of foods and drinks in the market contains sugar, which not only may elevate your chance of gaining weight, but also increase diabetes risk. When paired with less than active lifestyle, this is surely not a recipe for a healthy life. However, it is completely okay to enjoy sweet treats once in a while, just remember to not go overboard and utilize the energy provided by those sugars through routine exercise.