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Kesehatan 19 November 2021
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Warning Signs You Might Be Mentally Exhausted


As much as we want to admit, living life during this pandemic is becoming more and more of a challenge every day. The implications of this virus for our livelihood are certainly life-changing, affecting our daily routine, work, as well as the way we socialize. Since these things are new and foreign, not everyone can cope the same way, thus making most people feel stressed living their otherwise normal life. This pressure in life is certainly affecting not only our immunity, but our mentality first. Therefore, on this week's journal, we will be explaining a number of signs you may emotionally experience during these trying times. Read on!

1. Having a hard time falling asleep

Insomia, a common sleep disorder, may occur when you have problems in your mental well-being. Your mind just feels like it can't be shut down at night, always thinking through issues that might or might not matter. This occurence can either affect your ability to fall asleep or staying asleep, reducing the overall quality of your good night's rest. A lack of sleep certainly will affect your physical well-being, such as restlessness or feeling tired throughout the day which then can lower your productivity level. 

2. Experiencing difficulty in concentrating

Mental exhaustion also largely manifests in your inability to meet constant demands of your daily life. Whether it is inability to study or work, one common ground is that you are unable to focus at whatever task you have at hand, making you very unproductive and lacking motivation.

When you're mentally tired, the smallest things may seem like massive tasks. Putting things off won't help solve your problem but you also feel like you can help doing it either, as you feel overstimulated by the things around you. It can lead to a lot of problems at school or work, as you may have procrastinate big time and getting overwhelmed by the sheer of work you have to catch up with. 

3. Having no desire doing things that usually excites you

Usually, hobbies are one of the ways you may want to do to unwind and refresh yourself. However, this interest might diminish if you are experiencing mental fatigue. A lack of interest in doing the things you enjoy is one of the most telling factors, as you may experience mental block and sense of detachment, then might as well further develop into frustration and helplessness.

4. Feeling irritable

Not only you feel like you can't deal with work or things that you have to do, but mental fatigue also affects the way you deal with other people. You may notice that you are pushing people away and ignoring your social life, making you feel isolated and hopeless. You unconsciously get angry at the smallest things and feel frustrated, often taking it on those closest around you.

5. Constantly feeling tired and physically unwell

Lastly, mental fatigue does not only affect you psychologically, but also physiologically. Feeling tired, for example, hits different for people who experience mental fatigue. It's not the usual kind of tired which can be solved and go away with sleep. It's just that your energy happens to be constantly on the low and you never seem to feel energized, no matter how long you rest.

A lot of people with mental and emotional exhaustion also develop unhealthy symptoms inside their body. Random body aches, headaches, even digestion problems may happen. Other chronic diseases like autoimmunity can also develop as you get so stressed out down the road.