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Health 30 September 2019
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Reasons Why Having A Good Posture is Important


Practicing good posture is a habit that is often forgotten by a lot of people. However, this habit is important in order to look better, cause less strain to the spine and body, as well as staying healthy in general. On this week's journal, we will be explaining a few benefits that you can get by keeping a good posture. Read on!

1. Prevent back pain and bone wear

When one doesn't sit or stand straight, the body is at risk of not being properly aligned and stress is put more on the spine. The muscles are also affected big time, as poor posture may overstress them and lead to tightness. 

Therefore, one of the benefits of practicing good posture is to reduce the risk of having back, neck, jaw, and other types of pain throughout the body. The muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and other connective tissue will cooperate to keep your back feeling less strained and stressed. When you have good posture, you use the muscles that support your spine properly and resulting in lesser chance of getting back pain. Good posture has also been known to reduce the risk of wearing down the bones as well as osteoarthritis. Constant slouching may place abnormal stresses on the body, making it harder for the muscles to relieve joint pressure.

2. Reduce tensions and improve blood circulation

Constant slouching is apparent these days as smartphone usage is rising. You might not realize when you slouch, as this is usually done unconsciously However, this habit can be damaging to your health as it can obstruct blood flow to the shoulder, neck and head area, making you more prone to episodes of tension headaches. When you practice good posture, you also get the blood circulation flow smoothly and distributed evenly throughout the body..

3. Improves energy and oxygen flow 

Refraining from slouching and fixing your posture can also give you a needed energy boost. Research have shown that individuals with poor posture are prone to fatigue and unable to move properly. When you slouch, you actually force your body to operate in an unnatural position. This results in muscles having to work harder and naturally tire them faster. Therefore, having good posture means your energy is being utilized more efficiently and your muscles are not easily worn out.

4. Increases oxygen flow to the body

Practicing good posture can also improve your oxygen intake. When you keep your posture straight, it opens up more of your chest cavity and lungs, assisting you to breathe properly. This results in better breathing and automatically allows more oxygen to reach the brain, leading you to a more nurtured neurons and resulting in an improved concentration.

5. Enhances your look       

Having a poor posture may create the appearance of a more prominent belly and a thicker middle body in general. When you sit or stand up straight, it can instantly fix your proportion, as your weight is more evenly distributed and gives the impression of a lengthier and slimmer frame. Moreover, implementing good posture habits can also improve your confidence, as well as mood and energy levels.