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Kesehatan 31 December 2021
By: Natasha

5 Lifestyle Tweaks to Improve Productivity This New Year


As we welcome the new year, certainly there are improvements that can be made in your life. Whether it is health, work, or relationship wise, make sure that the changes you make are for the better. On this week's journal, we will be elaborating about a few tips you can do to manage your lifestyle, and reap some health benefits from them. Read on!

1. Avoid sleeping too late and start your day early

Like everything else, a good preparation is what is important when it comes to being energized and ready to begin your activities the next day. In this case, your preparation consists mainly of a good night's sleep, which highly determines your physical and mental state the following day. Therefore, always try to have a good night's rest by adhering to a constant sleeping schedule, which means you sleep and wake up at pretty much the same time every day. 

Doing things this way helps your body establish a regular circadian rhythm and eliminate sleeping problems like insomnia. You can also reduce caffeine consumption during the day and avoid doing exercises or working before bed, as these might hinder your ability to fall asleep.

2. Create a conducive environment to work at

Most of the time, it is not the work that actually takes a lot of time to finish, but rather setting your mind into work mode that is taking some time to get in to. There are a few ways that may help you to focus more on work, and that is having a dedicated space to work where you can concentrate fully in order to get things done. 

Keeping your workstation tidy, for example, can affect your focus significantly as there won't be too many distractions lying around when you are working. Setting up your workstation in a cool and quiet room, separated from other things that might be going on around the vicinity can also help you to focus and get things done in a more effective way.

3. Remove distractions

Of course, all people are different when it comes to the things that may distract them. Like previously mentioned, there are actually a number of factors that may cause you to lose focus and get sidetracked from finishing your work. Some people might be annoyed by noises when they work, some may be distracted by social media. These things may seem small, but building up of these "irrelevant" matters may hamper your overall performance at work.

Therefore, putting necessary restrictions during your working hours may help diminish these distractions and improves your focus. You can turn off your devices or restricting some of the sites you don't wish to check on while working, in order to ensure your mind stay on track and gets work done more effectively.

4. Plan your day

Even if you're more the type of person who likes spontaneity, everyone can actually benefit from creating their daily schedule. It gives a structure to your routine, as well as giving you an approximate amount of time you can spend doing certain activities during the day. Being structured like this also helps you to focus on more things and get them done, as well as being able to put aside some time to rest and enjoy breaks. When you create a daily schedule, it automatically helps you prioritize your work, manage your daily workload, as well as establishing your working pace, especially when you are doing remote work.

5. Give yourself a break

Lastly, cramping up your brain will definitely do no good for your productivity level. Not only will you be too busy to think straight, your output will also not be at the maximum as you are juggling multiple matters at once. That is why the previous point is very important to help you get things done, as well as giving you some time off to spend doing the things you like or being around your loved ones.

Taking frequent breaks during work may actually help your mind recharge for a bit and gives you better clarity to tackle the next issues that come up. It also helps to stabilize your emotional state and not be frustrated easily, as you have a balanced take between work and leisure time.