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Health 10 June 2019
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Daily Habits to Keep You Healthy in The Long Run


While it's true that your body has more strength and less prone to illnesses when you are still young, maintaining your health is a long-term investment that you can do if you adhere to some basic yet beneficial habits. On this week's journal, we will be explaining a few things you can do from now on to stay healthy for longer periods of time. Read on!

1. Get enough sleep

This is one of the simplest step you can take towards living a healthier life. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, many people are using their smartphones and gadgets almost non-stop: from the moment they wake up, until the moment they have to rest at night. This is creating an unhealthy lifestyle, especially when your gadget routine robs the time you need to spend on a good night's sleep. Obtaining 7-8 hours of sleep daily can re-energize your body as well as improve your health, as it enables your body to repair and renew damaged cells. This, in return, can strengthen your body defense system to fight off potential illnesses and keep you healthy for longer period of time.

2. Choose your food wisely and control your portion

While it is very important to pick and choose what you put into your body, paying attention to the amount of food that you eat is also important. For instance, it's never good to overeat as it may trigger various illnesses. Especially, when the food you eat are mostly processed, like fried food and other sorts of junk food. It's okay to consume these type of dishes once in a while, but you need to keep tabs on what food you are consuming daily in order to create a healthier diet that can nourish your body and maintain overall health.

3. Consume fruits and vegetables 

This may sound simple enough to do, but most of the time, people aren't able to achieve the recommended daily intake of fiber they need from fruits and vegetables. However, you can always be creative and incorporate these produce to your diet. For example, cut up a small portion of fruits to be consumed during breakfast or as a snack substitute during the afternoon. You can also make a simple salad as a side dish to your meals or stir-fry some vegetables for lunch or dinner.

4. Lead an active lifestyle

Have you ever thought about how many hours you spend doing work on your desk in the office daily? While your responsibility may demand you to do so, it's not a good excuse to skip on your daily exercise routine. It takes a great discipline to be able to maintain this habit, but you can always wake up earlier in the morning and spend 15-30 minutes of jogging, running, or biking before you start your day. Doing this everyday will benefit your body circulation, aiding your cardiovascular health, fending off the body from potential health risks, as well as improving your mood.

5. Consume natural supplements

We understand your needs as busy city dwellers that are almost always on-the-go and have a packed schedule almost every day. It's no surprise if you aren't able to consume enough healthy food, as they are quite rare to be found in a sea of processed consumables. Therefore, Herbana's Relief Sari line comes to the rescue to aid your health through our range of natural supplements. Created from natural plant extracts, they are safe to be consumed daily with no side effects, helps to maintain your health in the most practical way.