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Kesehatan 27 August 2021
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Reasons to Consume Natural Supplement During Pandemic


Nature provides us with a lot of resources, be it for food or medicine. A lot of herbs have been used for decades to aid health. These days, some people may be skeptical to consume synthetic supplements, and opt for herbal supplements instead. On this week's journal, we will be explaining a number of things you may reap from consuming herbal supplements and why you should consume them if you haven't, especially during this pandemic. Read on!

1. Aid nutrients lacking from your diet

While the main source of nutrients for your body should be obtained from your daily diet, sometimes it won't hurt to take certain supplements to patch some of the deficiencies you might have in order to maintain overall health. Food these days are loaded with preservatives and various added ingredients that may hinder its optimal nutrition for the body. Natural supplements, in this case, might help in terms of improving your well-being alongside a healthy diet, as they are made from natural resources that the body are designed to absorb, compared to synthetic alternatives.

2. May help improve immunity

With the ongoing pandemic, many feel the need to actually give their immune system a boost by eating a healthy diet, adapting to a healthier lifestyle, plus consuming a number of supplements that may help strengthen their bodily defense to prevent illnesses. In this case, nature also has something to offer when it comes to maintaining overall health. Some herbs and plants are known to improve immunity and safeguard you from potential bacteria or virus infection. Herbana's Relief Sari line offers a good range of herbal supplements to help maintain a high level of immunity, such as Relief Sari Meniran, Relief Sari Jinten Hitam, as well as Relief Sari Kulit Manggis. These supplements are made from 100% natural herb extracts, which is safe to be consumed daily.

3. Provides relief with minimal side effects

Synthetic supplements may certainly benefit health one way or the other. However, it is important to take it with proper measure as to not wreak havoc on your health. Whether you are taking it to maintain wellness or treat a health problem, natural supplements may have the upper hand, simply because they are sourced from nature and the body may tolerate it better. Of course, this is not saying that natural supplements are to be consumed without supervision of a medical advisory, especially if you have pre-existing health condition.

4. Aids various health issues

Since numerous plants and herbs are available to improve one's health, there are definitely a number of specific health benefits that these natural supplements may offer to maintain wellness. Herbana's Relief Sari line offers a lot of varieties of herbal supplements to maintain health the natural way. Some of the best selling variants includes immune-supporting supplements like Meniran, Jinten Hitam, and Kulit Manggis. Another popular options includes digestive support like Kunyit (Turmeric), Kayu Manis (Cinnamon) as blood sugar regulator, as well as Daun Katuk for breastfeeding support.

5. Practical & readily available

Lastly, herbal supplements are easily obtained without needing any prescriptions and can also be an effective alternative to synthetic products. Nowadays, supplements are packaged neatly and also designed to support active lifestyle, as most of them come in a capsule or pill form for easier consumption digestion, and practicality. Herbana's variety of herbal supplements also comes with the option of having 30 or 60 capsules of supplements in one bottle. This is ideal for those who wants to try out before actually consuming them regularly.