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Health 1 January 2020
By: Natasha Tanga

The Importance of Keeping a Health Journal


Most of us are often too busy taking on daily routine and work that we forget about our health. It is only until we fall sick, we realize the importance of paying attention to our own body. It's also important to remember that overall health is determined not only by physical health, but also a well-rounded mind and good habits. These things are a given when we are aware with our bodies, and one of the habits you can do to achieve it is through having a personal health journal, that keeps track of your body activity every day. Therefore, on this week's journal, we would like to explain about the importance of health journaling, and the benefits it can give you. Read on!

1. Log your daily food consumption

Health journaling, specifically food journaling, is common for people who wants to undergo a weight loss program. However, even when you're not trying to lose weight, taking notes of what you eat throughout the entire day can help to track your calorie consumption as well as the amount of fat, sodium, sugar, and other nutrients that can affect your overall health. Moreover, this habit can also help you find out if you have any food allergies or dietary sensitivities. Tracking your water consumption is also important to keep you achieve the recommended amount of 2 litres per day.

2. Monitor your workout routine

One of the reasons why people fail to stick to their workout routine and hardly see a change in their body is because they rarely track their progress through journaling. Not only does journaling help you to see how your workout habits affects your progress, it also encourages you to actually build a healthier lifestyle through sticking to a workout routine. Therefore, this habit can be a valuable health resource for you in the long run.

3. Tracking your physical health

In order to keep track of any health concerns that may pop out every now and then, it is very beneficial to have a health journal at your disposal. For instance, you can look at your consumption habits and compare it to your symptom patterns. That way, you can easily pinpoint what your problems might be, or use that information as a reference when you speak to your doctor. This habit is also especially helpful for those who might have seasonal allergies, which symptoms might flare up with the changing of weather. 

4. As a form of emotional therapy

Health journaling is also beneficial to ensure a well-balanced mental and emotional health, as you don't always have an outlet to vent out your frustrations or other mental blocks that might hinder you from responding to things well. Keeping a daily diary or writing about your thoughts every now and then is important to manage your emotions and preventing you from feeling depressed, anxious, or worried, as it is a therapeutic habit. Moreover, journaling can help you gain a better insight on your own mental well-being through reviewing the things we might have gone through in daily lives, and helps you see through a better perspective. 

5. Tracking women's monthly cycle

This point is especially important for women, as tracking menstrual cycle is very important to know the regular pattern of ovulation, especially for women who are hoping to have a child. Aside from helping women know the rhythms of their cycle and help understand their fertility better, tracking monthly cycle also keeps them aware of any unexpected changes, which should be discussed with a doctor.