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Health 5 April 2019
By: Natasha Tanga

Benefits of Cutting Down Alcohol


When you consume alcohol, it goes directly into the bloodstream through the walls of the stomach and small intestine. From there it’s quickly distributed to all parts of the body, including the brain within a few minutes of sipping a drink. Food in the stomach slows down the rate of absorption but it doesn’t stop you from getting drunk. While getting alcohol into your system is quick, getting it out takes time. Therefore, it's always better to reduce your alcohol consumption in order not to wreck havoc on your health. 

On this week's journal, we will be explaining a few health benefits you may get from reducing your alcohol consumption. Read on!

1. Better liver function

Ceasing or significantly reducing alcohol consumption may provide improvement in as little as two months, as long as your liver has not been affected by excessive drinking already. Your liver can regenerate damaged tissue and shed excess fat with dramatic overall improvements to the body.

2. Weight loss

It's a given fact that alcohol is filled with empty calories and packs on the pounds. Opting for choices with half the calories such as wine or beer might be the ticket to taking some weight off. Not to mention that after a night out, many people opt for a greasy meal. The alcohol in your body burns off first, so those carbs and fats will have to wait their turn. Drinking less alcohol may very likely mean less fast food and a healthier turn for your body. 

3. Mood improvements

As alcohol is a depressant, you may experience a next-day slump after binging the night. But beyond that, alcohol can disrupt brain function and brain cell and neurotransmitter function, possibly leading to brain damage, depression and even suicidal thoughts. Binge drinking distorts neuron activity in the area of the brain vital to the formation and storage of information. Without these functions, you cannot learn and process information. 

However, after two to three months of reduced alcohol intake, you may experience increased work quality, ability to concentrate and overall performance.

4. Refreshing night's sleep

As being said on the previous pointer, having too many drinks can result in a hangover and heavy sleep. You may jolt awake due to increased heart rate after only a few hours and then be unable to fall back asleep. According to a study, excessive alcohol impacts quality of rest by disrupting deep sleep and affecting your ability to think clearly, focus and process information the next following days. Therefore, reducing or quitting alcohol can benefit you from better quality rests. 

5. Feeling fresher in general

Alcohol, like coffee, is also a substance that dehydrates your body. This dehydration may be seen on the skin and may affect women more than men, as they have more water content in their bodies. While the body is working hard to process alcohol, it cannot absorb important vitamins such A, B and C, key for sloughing off dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of fine lines, redness and wrinkles. When you get to lower your alcohol intake, your skin and complexion in general will improve and look fresher, healthier and more youthful.