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Health 6 November 2020
By: Natasha Tanga

7 Simple Ways to Manage Period Pain


Menstrual period is a common occurence for every women. Some of them may experience this monthly ordeal normally, just like any other day, or with cramps. Depending on the person, the latter may particularly disturb daily routine, however there are certainly some ways you can do to relieve and overcome these period pain. Read on!

1. Hydrate frequently

Just like any other day, drinking water is important to ensure overall health. In this case, adequate hydration can help reduce bloating during period and pain caused by it. Even better if you drink warm water, as it can also help increase blood flow throughout your body and relax muscles, reducing cramps. 

You may want to reduce coffee consumption during this time of the month, as caffeine may narrow blood vessels and making your cramps feel worse than they already are. Therefore, switching to decaffeinated coffee or consuming tea can do you better. Some types of herbal tea may actually be useful to alleviate period pain, as they contain anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. Chamomile or ginger tea can be two options that can help you relieve period pain.

2. Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Some foods can also promote blood flow and relax your uterine muscles. Ginger, as previously mentioned, are rich in anti-inflammatory substances. Other examples are nutrient-rich foods, like berrries, tomatoes, pineapples, almonds, salmon, and some types of leafy greens.

For some women, period is when they are usually craving for sweet treats or carbohydrate-dense foods. However, these types of foods may cause bloating and make your cramps worse. Therefore, opting for more natural snacks, like fruits and nuts, can help fulfill your snacking needs during period.

3. Try dietary supplements

It is recommended to uptake your daily nutrient needs through various food during your period. You can also opt for supplement intake when preferred. For example, getting more vitamin D during period can reduce inflammation and help your body absorb calcium more effectively. Other supplements, like vitamin E, magnesium, and omega 3 are also useful in combating inflammation, and therefore useful to consume during your period. For better results, consuming these nutrients through food or supplement daily is important to reduce possible period pain.

4. Apply heat

At times when your period pain seems unbearable, a simple trick can actually alleviate it. Taking heat pad or filling a small jar with hot water, then applying them to painful area can improve blood flow, help your muscles relax and reduce cramps. It is also recommended to take warm bath or shower during your period to avoid cramps and uncomfortable muscle spasms.

5. Exercise

This step can be the last thing on your mind during your period. However, constant movement or even light exercises can help you reduce muscle spasms associated with period pain. You don't have to force yourself to be all out during this time, however, movement is important for pain relief. Moreover, exercise can also help release endorphins, hormone that is associated with happiness. Therefore, set aside some time before and during your period to do exercise.

6. Reduce stress

Some women experience pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) before period, and this commonly trigger emotional responses and other stresses. Even during period, cramps and painful episodes may also trigger stress, creating an endless cycle of it. Therefore, opt for relaxation techniques or stress-relieving activities to alleviate painful cramps associated with period and stress.

7. Take over-the-counter medicines

Since period pain is mostly caused by hormone (prostaglandin) that triggers muscle contractions, sometimes when the pain is unbearable, painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol can be used. However, if you choose not to consume too much of unnecessary medications, you can also opt for a more natural alternative. Herbana's Balance Madia line provides you a Menstrual Comfort option. Made from natural herb extracts, like turmeric, yarrow, and black seed, it ensures a safe consumption for whenever you need to ease your period cramp episodes.