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Health 26 February 2018
By: Natasha Tanga

6 Signs Your Body Needs a Detox


Have you ever felt that no matter how healthy your food intake is, sometimes you still don't feel the benefits of doing so? Don't be so quick to blame your already healthy consumption, rather, ask yourself whether you have a lot of accummulated toxins inside your body. It's not that our natural system doesn't have the ability to flush off these unwanted leftovers, but it's even better if you're also encouraging it by doing a detox and consuming supplements like our Relief Sari Temulawak & Relief Sari Kunyit, both which promote natural detoxification. On this week's journal, we're breaking down the signs that indicates whether you need to undergo a detox. Read on! 

1. Having low energy / constantly tired all day

If you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish, and pretty much stay that way throughout the day with varying degrees of tiredness, you should definitely consider doing a detox. Trying to make up for a lack of energy with stimulants like caffeine may help in the short-term, but will only worsen the problem in the long run. An effective detoxification program can overall help you flush out the things that are preventing you from feeling replenished and energized.

2. Unexplained soreness throughout the body 

Do you wake up in the morning feeling sore and stiff even though you didn’t do anything the previous day to justify feeling that way? It might have to do with toxin build-up inside your system. When you have toxins in the body that need to come out you are more likely to suffer from inflammation, because many of the foods and beverages that cause toxicity also lead to inflammation. If you’ve never done a detox to flush these toxins from the body, they build up over the years and can lead to soreness and stiffness in the body.

3. Suffering from constipation

Frequent indigestion & constipation is a sign that something isn’t right in your digestive system. When even efforts like trying to increase your fiber intake and adjusting your diet offers ineffective results, it could be your body telling you that it needs a cleansing. Detoxification can get rid of accumulated waste in your bowels and colon, including left over fecal matter and other gross things that interfere with a healthy digestion.

After cleansing your bowels, maintain a healthier lifestyle by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoiding greasy foods and reducing the intake of processed foods so your body can process and extract the vitamins and minerals it needs from the food you consume.

4. Inability to Focus

If you consistently find you lack the ability to focus and find yourself in a mental fog, your body could be screaming for detoxification. Instead of reading it as a sign to use a stimulating drink or prescription drug, you're better off consuming our Relief Sari Kunyit & Relief Sari Temulawak as a natural booster for your brainpower as well as an agent to detoxify your body with. 

5. Constantly feeling down in the dumps

By now, you should've known that how you feel is affected by your ability to feed your body with nourishing foods. Consuming the right or wrong meal can switch your mood in an instant, and eating foods that are low-quality or even toxic for the body over long periods of time can put you in a depressed state.

However, this habit can manifest into a harder problem to solve in the long run. When you start changing your diet into health-nourishing foods, the toxins will block the nutrients from finding their way to your brain. A detox program can help to get your mind back in the right place, although it may not be the right cure for clinical depression. But as far as helping to avoid depressing thoughts, a detox can work wonders. It frees your body of stored up toxins that can keep you in patterns of negative thinking, and can inspire a new outlook on life.

6. Re-occuring skin problems / allergic reactions

You may have noticed that your skin has been having issues, and nothing that you’ve tried has been able to fix it. A topical treatment isn’t going to help if the cause of your skin problem is excessive toxicity in the body. It’s time to get to the root cause and follow a proven detox program that lists skin conditions as one of the symptoms it can relieve.

One thing to keep in mind is that a side effect of doing a detox is often rashes and other skin problems, especially if many toxins are being released. These will subside by the time the process has finished, and should not be confused as a worsening of your problem.