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Health 25 November 2019
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Rainy Season


As the end of the year is slowly approaching, the rainy season is also coming near. In order to stay healthy, it is important to implement healthy habits and take necessary steps to take care of your well-being. On this week's journal, we will be explaining a few tips you can do to face the upcoming wet season. Read on!

1. Protect yourself from downpours

As the saying goes, prepare your umbrella before it rains, it is indeed important to stay dry during rainy season. You can dodge the possibility of getting soaked in the rain, thus reducing your chances contracting cold or flu from the chilly weather. If you're commuting with motorbikes, make sure to prepare raincoats and wear protective footwear such as rain boots to prevent exposure from harmful bacteria and viruses from dirty water and to keep yourself dry. Remember, don’t get caught out in the rain without a way to protect yourself.

2. Practice good hygiene

By protecting yourself from dirty water exposure and practicing good personal hygiene, a lot of illnesses can be avoided this rainy season. For example, washing your hands frequently can help get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses, as germs are more likely to spread during colder months. This habit is even more important if you notice people around you starts to catch flu or cold, as it can help reduce the chances of you contracting one as well.

Also, pay attention to accumulation of rain water around the house as it can be a good breeding ground for mosquitoes. Always clean up when you see one and keep your surroundings as clean as possible.

3. Build strong immunity

Rainy season is often the perfect time for viruses and bacteria to thrive. Alongside the increased humidity and moisture, viral fevers, allergic reactions, and other viral infections occur frequently. In order to remain healthy, you need to increase your immunity to keep your body safe from potential ailments. By choosing your foods wisely, ensuring you’re getting ample vitamins and minerals as possible and implementing healthy habits are all the efforts you can do to help keep your immune system strong.

Make sure to consume immunity-boosting foods in your daily diet, such as garlic and ginger. Quitting smoking habits and reducing alcohol consumption can also help you have better immunity, as they weaken immunity and respiratory system. Lastly, staying hydrated is also vital to support proper immune system functioning. Water helps the body produce lymph which transports white blood cells and other immune system cells throughout the body.

You can also consume natural supplements to give your immune system a needed boost. Herbana's Immune Booster Package, which consists of Relief Sari Meniran, Jinten Hitam, and Kulit Manggis, can help build your immunity during this rainy season. Made from natural herb extracts, these supplements are safe to be consumed daily. These trio are also the answer if you have an active lifestyle and often feeling under the weather.

4. Increase vitamin C intake

In order to prevent getting cold and flu, you also need to increase your Vitamin C intake. Consuming a lot of vitamin C rich foods like orange, grapefruit, strawberries, tangerines, spinach, kale and broccoli may help speed up recovery from the cold virus. Vitamin C also helps build up antibodies and shield you from potential inflammations. 

5. Keep yourself warm

If you accidentally caught yourself in the rain, taking a warm shower afterwards can help raise your body temperature and clean yourself from dirt and germs. To further prevent your body from catching fever or cold, serve yourself a bowl of hot soup or a cup of hot drink to help the body warm up. One of the ideas you can try is to mix Herbana Relief Sari powder with a cup of warm water or tea. Our Jinten Hitam powder or Kulit Manggis powder can be your main options to beat the cold weather while boosting your immune levels.