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Health 19 June 2020
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Health Tips to Safely Resume Your Daily Routine during Pandemic


As we are slowly getting out of the quarantine phase of COVID-19, the government is now implementing a transitional phase where most people are already allowed to resume normal activities outside of the house. This includes commuting with public transports, working in the office, or going to shopping centers and other public places that will soon open. However, these places will also implement health measures and it's important to keep these measures for yourself as well. On this week's journal, we will be giving you a number of health tips you can do while doing activities on this transitional period. Read on! 

1. Monitor your hygiene

Basic hygiene is very recommended to protect yourself from the risk of contracting illnesses from bacteria or viruses. This includes taking a shower after coming home, as well as washing your hands frequently. However, it is best to not clean your hands excessively, as some people may get skin dryness or even eczema when the skin is not moisturized properly. Therefore, I personally like to apply hand cream at night before bed or during the day whenever you feel uncomfortable with all the washing.

Even moreso than before, a lot of hygienic measures are being put up, such as wearing masks and even protective face shields. Again, balance is always key to every matter, and practice these measures only when you deem it to be important, such as interacting closely with people on a daily basis for a long time. Otherwise, make sure to also have enough intake of oxygen into your lungs by opening your mask once in a while. This is very important, as prolonged mask use may actually restrict air flow to your lungs and makes proper breathing a challenge. If you opt to use a fabric mask, be wise in selecting the fabric it is made from. Cotton masks are most preferable as it is more breathable and gentler on your skin.

2. Stay in a well-circulated area

Earlier findings of COVID-19 shows that the virus can't stay for long in heat or when exposed in open air. Therefore, it is recommended to air out your room every day to ensure a healthy air circulation. When you're staying in an airconditioned room, often times the air quality isn't that good as there's no proper circulation. If you're working in an office or mainly indoors, make sure to go outside once in a while to expose yourself to sunlight, as well as fresher air.

3. Ensure enough rest every night

Many people actually skimp out their sleeping time because of work or other less important matters, such as gaming or fiddling with your smartphone. However, it is actually important to obtain quality sleep every night in order to be healthy. When you're not getting enough sleep, the body isn't able to regenerate cells properly and may affect your overall metabolism, leading to lower immunity. Therefore, always make sure to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night to boost your body's defense system.

4. Do frequent exercises

For the past few months, stay-at-home notice has affected a lot of spectrum in our livelihood, including our lifestyle. While some people tried their best to keep themselves active by doing sports around their vicinity, like jogging, running, or cycling, a lot of people were also demotivated to do exercises and doing limited movements due to less variety of things to do at home. If you belong to the latter group, now is the time to get yourself back on track and do some light yet frequent exercises. Keeping yourself active throughout the day ensures a well-running metabolism, which in turn may affect your overall immunity. Bonus points if you exercise outdoor, as the morning sun provides you with vitamin D that is crucial to strengthen your immune system.

5. Improve immunity levels

Last but not least, maintaining a strong immune system is very important to ward off risks of getting illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses. Aside from getting enough sleep and exercising frequently, a couple more things can also help you build a stronger and more reliable immunity. For example, consuming enough fruits and vegetables, as well as protein. Fruits and vegetables contain various vitamins and minerals that may aid deficiencies in your body that may lower immunity, while protein is crucial to help regenerate cells inside your body. Consuming foods that are high in these components not only will keep your full for longer, but also makes you more resistant to falling ill. 

If you're opting to consume supplements, make sure to choose natural supplements that are free from synthetic ingredients. These are safer to be consumed in the long run and has minimal to no side effects. Herbana's Relief Sari line has products that are meant to aid your immunity, such as Relief Sari Meniran, Jinten Hitam, and Kulit Manggis. These best-selling supplements are made from 100% natural herb extracts that are suitable for daily consumption to maintain your health, especially if you have an active lifestyle.