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Health 12 February 2021
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Reasons Why Waking Up Early Can Be Beneficial For Health


For some people, waking up in the early hours may seem hard, especially when they are not used to it. When you had long hours during the night, waking up early is also almost impossible to do. However, do you realize that there are lots of benefits you may reap just by waking up early in the morning? Not only will you be able to allocate more time to do things during the day, but also may help in enhancing your productivity, managing your energy levels, regulating your mood, as well as a number of other health benefits. On this week's journal, we will be explaining these reasons in order for you to implement during your daily endeavours.

1. More time to prepare, both physically and mentally

Sleep inertia is a period when you are slowly exiting your slumbering phase and entering wakefulness. This can happen for more than a couple hours, therefore you may feel slightly drowsy and not energetic enough when you wake up at 8.30 while having to go to work at 9. In order to not rely on espresso every time you wake up, try waking up earlier and get more mental clarity before starting your day.

Besides that, people who wake up early are also able to have more time in their hands to plan ahead for the day, reducing possible stress. This habit can also significantly improve mental health and make you more productive, while lack of sleep is known for increasing the risk of depression and psychological problems.

2. Increased productivity

Following the previous point, waking up early obviously can give you more time to do more things during the day. You can either spend more time to relax, or even do more work when needed. Early mornings are usually quiet, a perfect time in order for you to focus on doing tasks and having less interruptions. Your concentration level is usually the highest during this time period as well.

3. Improve energy levels

More time to do things in the morning means you can also cater to exercise. Morning is considered the best time to exercise, at it may give you energy boost that may benefit you physically and mentally throughout the day. Feel good hormones such as endorphins are also produced during exercise, helping you to start your day with a good mood.

When you actually make time for exercise, you can rarely make up an excuse to not do it because of time constraint or having another business to attend to. Moreover, exercising later during the day will actually drain you more of your energy, as most of it are already spent doing other things.

4. Healthier eating habits

Waking up early is also beneficial for your eating habits and gut health. This goes hand in hand, as healthier eating habits directly correlates to a more effective digestive system and stable metabolic function.

One of the easiest example is that you have ample time to prepare and eat breakfast. As the most important meal of the day, breakfast is crucial to fulfill the required energy needed to start your day. When you wake up late, you tend to skip breakfast altogether or grabbing whatever is available. Skipping breakfast makes your body crave energy, causing you to consume food high in sugar. This may also create a domino effect later during the day, as you may experience poorer eating habits. Studies have also found that night owls consume approximately 248 more calories than those who rise early. They also tend to only eat half as much fruits and vegetables and twice as much fast food compared to the early risers.

5. Better sleep quality

Last but not least, how you prepare yourself the previous night determines how you function the next day. A good night's sleep is important to maintain overall health. This habit enables your body to fully repair and restore itself into an optimal state, as well as replenishing your energy. Immunity is also well-maintained when you have a good sleeping habit.

People who wake up early tend to sleep early as well, mostly at a constant time and are also likely to get enough sleep of 7-9 hours. This results in better sleep quality and feeling refreshed the following day, as these people are able to complete the required stages of sleep cycles.