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Health 4 January 2021
By: Natasha Tanga

Simple Ways to Maintain Immunity during Rainy Season


As we are approaching end of the year, the peak of rainy season is Indonesia is also coming near. Falling between January/February every year, increase in rainfall may usually cause a drop in temperature and even extreme occurences like flash floods. Therefore, it's always important to be prepared before the rain comes, especially during this ongoing pandemic. On this week's journal, we will be sharing a number of tips that you can implement to boost immunity and protect your health during this rainy season. Read on!

1. Consume healthy, nutrient-rich foods

The first step to maintain your well-being is actually fairly simple. It's actually the activity you do 3 times a day, which is eating. However, this can be tricky at the same time, as you need to consume foods that actually benefit your health, instead of just aiming to feel full or only to help you reach your ideal eight. Make sure to include enough carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and fat in every meal. Aside from that, some foods are also known to help boost immunity. For example, garlic, mushroom, salmon, citrus fruits, as well as all sorts of vegetables, may also help strengthen your immune system during the rainy months. 

2. Make sure to get enough sleep

With the current lifestyle of most people, enough sleep seems to be a rare occurence. Most of the time, excuses to not obtaining enough sleep are anywhere from working to spending too much time on the internet. However, sleep should be everyone's priority, as this is one of the simplest yet the most crucial step you can do in maintaining strong immunity.

The body repairs cells, regulate hormones, and removes toxins from the body as you sleep, some of the important reasons why you need to make time to get enough sleep every night. Most experts would recommend getting 7-9 hours of sleep, as being well-rested not only will refresh you physically, but also help maintain your immune strength to prevent getting sick.

3. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently

Keeping a good hygiene should not only be promoted during the pandemic, as it can help prevent a lot of illnesses. Washing your hands, for example, can help you from getting sick due to a bacterial or viral infection. Therefore, it is recommended to lather your hands with soap and wash thoroughly for 20 seconds, in order to kill off germs from the surface of your hands.

4. Hydrate frequently

Since the weather is generally colder during rainy season, the body doesn't sweat too much and thus most people won't feel as thirsty, compared to hotter months. However, hydration is still very important, as the body uses water to transport minerals throughout your system. Consuming 2 liters of water in a day is the minimum recommendation by most health experts. If you want to warm up your body during the cooler weather, it is also helpful to consume ginger tea or other warm beverages to prevent development of cold and flu.

5. Incorporate daily exercise

Even though the rainy season may force you to stay indoors more often, it is actually not an excuse to not do your daily exercise. While the options might be limited as opposed to the things you can do outside, staying on track with your exercise routine may actually help keep your immunity on a prime level.

During the days when the sun is actually shining, capitalize on those days to get your supply of vitamin D, as it is one of the most important vitamin in aiding your immunity. Aside from that, gettting exposed to the sun can help with your circadian rhythm and fix your sleeping habits. Some studies have also shown that sunlight can also help boost your mood, something that is fairly needed during this difficult time due to the pandemic.