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Health 10 April 2020
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Tips to Keep Your Mental Health Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic


While necessary steps are being taken to protect your physical health during this pandemic, a more important measure is needed to protect your mental health to ensure holistic well-being. For instance, lot of media bombardments are being fed to us each day and may affect how we think and react to the current situation. Some people even may go to the extent of being paranoid and have a hard time sleeping, thinking about the issues that may go around during this pandemic. On this week's journal, we are giving out some wise tips on how to take care of your sanity during this uncertain time. Read on!

1. Filter your information

With proper usage, both messaging apps and social media can be useful to keep in touch with people you know and to gain some important infomations. However, a lot of these messages and contents can be toxic and harmful for the mind if you consume it "as-is" and not through a critical point-of-view. It is very important to sift out every piece of information you receive, and verify them whenever possible, such as doing a quick Google search to make sure whether the info is legit, or not even worth your attention. Moreover, you can also reply to these hoax messages that may be circulated in messaging groups, and forward the correct information instead.

2. Don't consume too much of the news

We can't deny if media presence is nearly everywhere on this day and age. Not only does the public can gain access for the news through television, but also social media. Analytics on these platforms are also far more advanced than it previously had been, and therefore if you open one of your social media channels, it almost always will show you the most relevant news currently. However, frequent exposure to these news are being absorbed into your mind, either consciously or subconsciously. Your mind starts to paint scenarios about what might or might not be happening when you constantly hear the news, and might make you worry about doing certain things. When people get too stressed up, whether it is by listening to too much news or worrying about what might happen, it can trigger psychosomatic symptoms. Now, we are not saying that listening to the news is necessarily bad, however, limiting consumption of the news might actually be a beneficial option for your mind to let it catch a break.

3. Focus on maintaing a sane mind

Some people may not be used to staying at home for an extended period of time since most of their activities are spent outside. Boredom can be a common annoyance during this period of time, therefore, it may be a healthy option to set aside some time to be physically and mentally active. There is a saying in Latin, 'mens sana in corpore sano', which translates 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'. These two factors are correlated and needs to be nurtured hand-in-hand in order to benefit you. Therefore, set aside some time to exercise in the morning to keep your brain healthy, as well as keeping your metabolism running smoothly.

4. Support your closest community

During this difficult time, everyone is undergoing a challenging path in their lives. Rather than worrying too much, you can channel your energy better to help others in need. For example, giving out rice or other essential items for the less fortunate, or simpler things like tipping your food delivery person. All these joint efforts can help relieve each other's struggles during this difficult time.

5. Remain faithful to your belief

Last but not least, it is also important to stay faithful to your belief during this pandemic. When all else seem to be hopeless, the only reassurance and comfort we can get is by turning to our Creator. Aim to be steadfast in your belief during these uncertain days, as it can provide you with a wise and sane mind to face the current pandemic.