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Health 5 July 2019
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Benefits of Decluttering For The Mind and Body


Being able to afford and own a lot of things may as well be a sign of wealth according to society, but do you know how many things that are actually necessary for survival rather than just being owned for the sake of fulfilling one's desire? On top of it, do you realize what it takes to maintain and keep up all these things that pile up in your living or working vicinity? On this week's journal, we will be explaining a number of benefits you might get from sorting and decluttering your living quarters as well as your workspace. Read on!

1. Reduces stress and confusion caused by the mess

Although it may be on a subconscious level, messy homes and work spaces can leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Clutter may be an underrated but significant source of stress in our lives because visually, our eyes have no place to rest. Plus, when things are difficult to find or can’t be found, stress levels and fatigue also increase. Stress contributes to poor sleep, poor eating habits and general poor health. Therefore, it's a good idea to start decluttering your home or work space when mess starts to pile up and disturb your harmony. Set aside some time per day or week to straighten up one place, such as a messy shelf or drawer. This way you'll feel happier and more relaxed at the end of the day, and gradually create more order as you go along. 

2. Promotes a healthier environment

When you have so much stuff lying around, clearly it takes a lot of time to clean them up and when you don't, they become dust magnets. Not to mention, mice and other critters might be attracted to this clutter and make their stay. Therefore, removing clutter cuts down on dust particles and toxins, making the air in your home cleaner and less likely to exacerbate allergies.

3. Prevents you from getting distracted

Clutter is visually distracting as objects in your field of vision can affect your ability to concentrate on one thing at a time. A study have shown that clutter overloads the visual cortex and interferes with its ability to process information. When you clean up the clutter, only then you're able to think and work better, enabling you to spend less time on tasks, both at home and on the job. Furthermore, it may leave you with more time for enjoying personal activities, to spend with family, to prepare healthy meals, and to rest. 

4. More efficient in performing tasks

When you have less stuff lying around, it can make you far more effective in trying to find the necessary things, such as your car keys or bills. Less clutter mean less time spent looking for items and more time to focus on your work, around the house or during your working time. Therefore, set aside some time to declutter your space, whether it be your home or workspace, in order to achieve a more efficient way of getting things done.

5. Saves your money

Clearing and cleaning up both your living quarters and work space, as well as owning less stuff will definitely benefit you, both mentally and financially. For instance, you can easily save money refraining from buying unnecessary stuffs. You can also arrange the things you own in a more efficient manner and doesn't require a big space to store, which can both save you the resources needed to own a bigger house and space. The mind is also less burdened by owning just a few necessary belongings, as you can live life in a simpler and more effective way.