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Health 15 September 2017

Azri of TAN-EUH talks about his favorite plants as an urbanite


I've been amazed with the long length of life of the perennial plants, this type of edible greens or herbs are quite easy to take care and able to grow more for several years. With certain growing techniques, a single perennial plants are able to harvest again and again. It's kind of things most people want from their garden, to harvest it for multiple times.

As an urban dwellers, at certain moment it takes a great amount of time for me to prepare plants from the seeds, especially in this inevitable fast-paced of life. The other benefit from some perennial plants is to propagate the mature plants into several seedling by cutting or transplantings. I like this method, since it save a lot of time and it doesn't make us dependant on buying seeds but rather makes your garden full, just only from the plants you already have by multiplying them.

The best things of perennials are the herbs, beside the amazing aromatic smell they also had lot of health benefits. There are many herbs that you can be planted once and left to grow for many years. 

1. Mint

A refreshing and relaxing scented plant, I often pick and use the fresh mint for tea. This plant like sun and also an invasive one, it will spread anywhere you allow it and many places you don't want it. If you plant mint in your home, give them a plenty room to grow and don't let them mingle with other perennials.

2. Lemongrass

Tropical herb-grass that packed with citrus flavor, they contribute into many home dishes I like. It also looks good for home landscape and best to plant directly into the ground since they like rich and well drained soil.  

3. Ginger

The popular spice and folk medicine we all know. I keep this in my garden for the anti bacterial benefit, it helps me a lot as a quick relief. The ginger plants loves water and moist soil, they also develop stronger flavor if they planted directly on the ground.

4. Basil Family

Basil family just taste like basil family, they all are delicate and beautiful taste. Heavenly good in many cuisine, and the fresh basil taste really intense. One type of herbs that easy and fast to grow, and all the flowers are edible. They also can be dried and preserved naturally with salt, to keep the flavor all year long.

5. Rosemary

A strong flavor herbs and very useful for cooking. To grow, they require a good circulation of air since they orginally came from the mediterranean climate. That's why they like cool, windy and dry environment. I also like to propagate them by cutting them stem, it will provide you abundant stock of living herbs at home