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Health 29 July 2017
By: Natasha Tanga

Benefits of Consuming Cinnamon For Health


Cinnamon is a spice that you may only associate with baking and desserts, but there are plenty of cinnamon benefits that make it a great spice to use everyday and as a dietary supplement.However, you want to be sure to use organic cinnamon and not the conventional variety you typically find in the spice aisle at the grocery store in case they contain the same herbicides and pesticides when they are conventionally manufactured. Below, we have listed a number of practical benefits you can get from consuming this wondrous spice.

1. Improves Metabolism

Cinnamon has the ability to speed up your metabolism. It often makes it onto the list of foods that you should be eating if you are trying to lose weight especially if you have a sluggish metabolism. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to your beverage for added nutrients while also paving a way to take your metabolism into a higher gear.

Besides cinnamon, daily exercise is also a natural way to get your metabolism going, as well as avoiding eating too much in one sitting and stick to foods that help increase metabolism, like broccoli, apples, and foods high in calcium.

2. Reduces Bad Cholesterol & Prevents Heart Disease

It's very important to keep cholesterol levels in check since high cholesterol over long periods of time can lead to more serious diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Studies have shown that cinnamon can help lower the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body, making it an all natural remedy for people with high cholesterol levels. Cinnamon is also able to improve blood circulation throughout the body, thus can be used to help prevent heart disease.

Though cinnamon alone may only have a marginal effect on your cholesterol levels, it’s important to consider all of the factors that go into the condition of high cholesterol. For instance, you may need medication as well as make several dietary changes and lifestyle adjustments.

3. Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Cinnamon has been shown to help keep blood sugar levels where they should be, and is often recommended to diabetics to help naturally regulate blood glucose levels. You can use cinnamon even if you are not diabetic as a way to keep your blood sugar within healthy guidelines. Stabilizing your blood sugar levels typically results in natural weight loss and keeps you focused and alert throughout the day. Don’t rely on cinnamon alone, it should be used as part of a conscious effort to keep your blood glucose in check.

4. Posesses Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial Properties

Cinnamon acts as anti-inflammatory & antibacterial agent in the body, thus making it very helpful in treating a number of conditions caused by inflammation. Cinnamon is often recommended for acne, fungal / yeast infections, upset stomach, to more serious diseases like cancer prevention.

5. Maintains the Digestive Tract

Cinnamon can help clear out your digestive tract, which will help your body absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat more easily. The fiber that cinnamon contains helps food pass through the digestive system more easily. You’ll have fewer stomach problems including indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation. A clean digestive tract can help in a surprising number of ways, even helping the way you think. Harmful bacteria in your gut can actually make you more likely to get depressed, and evidence is pointing to a stronger connection between gut health and mental health.

6. Helps Brain Functions & Prevents Alzheimer’s

Cinnamon can help your brain work better and keep you more alert. Also, one of the more surprising cinnamon benefits is its ability to help prevent Alzheimer’s as well as other cognitive disorders. It’s the substances found within cinnamon that account for its ability to help prevent the disease. Research is promising in regards to cinnamon’s effect on the brain, enough so that it would be smart to start taking it as a supplement if you feel you are at risk for Alzheimer’s.

7. Reduces Teeth-related Problems

Extracts found in cinnamon were shown to be protective against bacteria living in the oral microflora that could cause bad breath, tooth decay, cavities, or mouth infections. The essential oil from cinnamon has been shown to be more potent than other tested plant extracts and can be used to naturally combat bacteria in the mouth. Also, cinnamon has the ability to naturally remove bad breath without adding any chemicals to the body. That is why cinnamon has also been traditionally used as tooth powder and to treat toothaches, dental problems, oral microbiota, and mouth sores.