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Health 12 August 2017
By: Natasha Tanga

9 Practical Ways To Handle And Prevent Hangovers


It is no news that young people enjoy going out and have a great time with their friends, which often includes booze. Most of the time though, getting carried away is a common occurence and results into a bad hangover the morning after. Fret not, youngins, as we have listed simple steps that could be taken to both prevent and cure the inconvenient problem most people have after a night's out

5 tips to prevent a hangover:

1. Hydrate before drinking

Water is essential for preventing a hangover. Alcohol can make you extremely dehydrated, which can cause that nasty morning hangover headache. A good rule of thumb is to also always have a glass of water between drinks so you stay hydrated and by doing so, preventing yourself from a rough morning after.

2. Learn your drinks

Knowing what to drink and learning what will cause hangovers is crucial to developing a strategy against them. Sugar-fermenting yeasts produce ethanol but also produces substance called congeners, which increase the intensity of hangovers. The drinks that contain the least congeners are lighter stuff— vodka, gin, white rum, etc., while the brown stuff—whiskey, dark rum, scotch, etc.—is the worst. There’s a moderate middle that consists of things like tequila and beer, but if you can, stick to the clear stuff.

3. Take antioxidants beforehand

While dehydration is just one of the causes of a hangover, inflammation and oxidative stress are also huge contributors. Antioxidants can help lessen inflammation, so by taking an extra multivitamin, eating an açaí bowl or drinking pomegranate juice before consuming alcohol, it will greatly help prevent the hangover.

4. Fill up your stomach before taking in alcohol

An empty stomach absorbs alcohol super quickly, so you never want to drink on an empty stomach. The more carbs, proteins, and fats that you eat before drinking, the slower the alcohol will be absorbed into your bloodstream, preventing a hangover the following day. Sticking to slow digested carbohydrates and lean proteins, like turkey, chicken, or beef, will benefit a lot in keeping hangover on the line. Vegetables that are high in vitamin B like broccoli and bell peppers are also helpful since it helps support the liver function and pancreas.

5. Consume temulawak to maintain healthy liver

Temulawak, commonly known as Curcuma xanthorrhiza is excellent for keeping or maintaining liver health. Aside from its anti-inflammatory properties, it also contains katagoga, which helps the liver to produce bile and also give incentives to vacate the bile. This spice will provide much needed support for your liver in order to keep it running after all those alcohol intakes.

4 tips to cure a hangover:

1. Drink more water & other fluids

As previously mentioned, it’s important to stay hydrated while you’re drinking alcohol. If you happen to not do so and wake up groggy the next morning, drink more water up to rehydrate and flush the impurities from your system. Though it's wise to remember that water isn’t enough. Electrolyte-rich fluids like coconut water can help restore the salt and potassium you’ve lost.

2. Avoid caffeine intake

It is wise to know that consuming coffee during a hangover doesn’t make you instantly sober. The caffeine may ‘wake you up’ for a short while, but the effects of alcohol on your body will still linger. If you consume too much caffeine in your condition, you can suffer from increased blood pressure and potentially making your hangover headache even worse. Coffee will not help your already upset stomach either, especially if you drink without consuming any food. The caffeine increases the acid in your stomach, which may aggravate your vomiting and possibly cause heartburn as well.

3. Reduce nausea by consuming ginger

As ginger contains magnesium, zinc, and chromium which promotes healthy circulation, it helps prevent chills, fevers and excessive sweating. It acts as a natural substitute for aspirin and ibuprofen to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as nausea and the feeling of vomiting. For those with a wicked hangover, a ginger tea may do the trick. Not all people will like the taste of it, however. Take Herbana's Jahe Merah capsules in the place of ginger to help you alleviate the sickness after a rough night out.

4. Consume temulawak to optimize liver function

In order to handle alcohol effectively, your organ functions, especially the liver, needs to be in a tip-top condition. One of the ways is by consuming temulawak. Also known by the name Curcuma xanthorriza, the liver's main task is to flush and normalize the toxin level your body has, in this case, from your alcohol intake. By having an optimized liver function, it can lessen the excruciating effects that hangover may cause to your state. Take good care of your liver by taking Herbana's Temulawak capsules for a hassle-free liver maintenance.