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Health 23 June 2017
By: Natasha Tanga

8 Easy Ways to Keep Yourself Fit During Roadtrips


Approaching this upcoming Eid celebrations, many of us will go on roadtrips back to our hometowns, also known as mudik. While the tradition is highly participated every year, there are important things to keep in mind so you can stay safe and fit during the course of the roadtrip, thus arriving with no health concerns whatsoever. Below, we have listed 8 practical advices for you to consider this Eid:

1. Plan your trips ahead

Before you even get on the road, map out your route, planning for pit stops to get gas, eat and stretch your legs. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination on time so that you don’t feel pressured to speed, skip stops or drive too tired. To help with planning your road trip, you can download an app for your phone that pinpoints gas stations, restaurants and rest stops.

2. Make frequent pit stops and stretch

While you might not be able to exercise in a middle of a road trip, stopping to stretch your legs often while on the road is just as important. Instead of coasting through the drive-thru, get out and move around. If only one person in the car needs to use the restroom, everyone should get out and stretch to promote a better body circulation.

3. Get enough rest & take a break when you’re sleepy

Get plenty of rest before you start your trip, and if your journey takes multiple days, schedule an adequate amount of time for you to sleep. Driving drowsy is just as dangerous as driving drunk, so don’t let yourself get sleep deprived.

With rest being one of the most important factor of safe driving, it is crucial for you to stop and take a power nap whenever you are feeling tired. You may be tempted to push on through to your destination when you start feeling drowsy but it can be hard to tell when you’re about to doze off, which can lead to a serious or fatal accident. When you start yawning a lot and your eyes feel heavy, let your partner take the wheel or find a safe place to rest for the night.

4. Hydrate yourself frequently 

Drinking water can be a double-edged sword when it comes to long road trips — too much water drinking means frequent stops to the restroom, but we all know the importance of hydration: one of them is that it can help you to concentrate and keep your eyes in good condition for safe driving. 

Another useful tip is to use the bathroom before you leave and whenever you can find one. Holding it for too long can cause a urinary tract infection, plus urinating before getting in the car means you’ll have plenty of room for more water as you hydrate on the road.

5. Pack and eat nutritious foods

Finding fresh foods on the road can be challenging. It’s much more convenient to swing through a drive- thru or stop by some roadside food stalls. Though keep in mind, if you have a prolonged lack of fresh food in your diet it can negatively affect your health. When planning your trip, pack some meals using fresh ingredients, and make sure to include fresh fruits and vegetables.

Healthy snacks are handy to keep yourself fueled in between stops. They help keep your blood sugar from dropping, which can make you drowsy or shaky. Some energizing snacks include fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and granola.

6. Boost your immune system

Being exposed to public spaces outside of your normal routine can expose you to new bacteria and viruses. Make sure your immune system is up to the challenge of keeping you healthy. Fresh foods and proper hydration will go a long way in boosting your immune system, but consider adding vitamins to your daily health regimen if you don’t already take them. Jinten Hitam can be a choice for your added nutrients during the day, as it is promotes better immunity and overall wellness.  

7. Entertain your brain

Driving is stressful. Keep yourself relaxed and your brain entertained by listening to music or podcasts. If you have travel companions, engage them in lighthearted conversation to keep the mood the in the vehicle light and fun.

However, never entertain yourself by using your phone during a drive. It’s tempting to check your phone or send updates while you’re traveling, but it’s really not safe. A lot of accidents in the road is caused by distracted driving. Pull over if you need to send a text, and the same goes for eating, putting on makeup or taking a selfie.

8. Pack a first aid kit

Last but not least, this seems to be a simple matter but often times forgotten. In the car, keep a first aid kit on hand that contains multiple medications for common ilnesses, Band-Aids and cotton pads and alcohol wipes. Always be sure to pull over if you’re not feeling well.