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Health 5 November 2018
By: Natasha Tanga

5 Reasons Why Sleeping Late Can be Bad For Health


At this day and age, a lot of us are burdened by a ton of work and not to mention, a hectic daily schedule. A lot of factors come into play: long commute times, deadlines, delayed tasks, all makes up most of our daily stresses and more often than not, causes us to postpone our rest time. However, do you know how important sleep is for our overall health? On this week's journal, we will be explaining to you a few reasons why you should consider sleeping early, regardless the amount of work you have, and how you can solve your sleeping problems. Read on!

1. Leads to poor eating habits and cause high blood sugar

It's logical when late night hunger strikes as you pull an all-nighter. Indeed, staying up late make you eat more and crave more unhealthy food. For example, craving denser food with less beneficial kinds of fat like cup ramen or other snacks when we stay up past our bedtime can ultimately lead to poor health.

Hand in hand with the point mentioned above, a study found health problems like high blood sugar is closely linked to people with an evening-driven schedule. Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar, is often associated with other health conditions, from temporary problems like fatigue and headaches to more serious conditions like cardiovascular disease and kidney damage.

2. Affects your brain function

Have you been experiencing constant attack of tension headaches lately? If that is so, you may want to start fixing your sleeping schedule and get enough rest for a change.

Sleeping way past your bedtime can affect your concentration level and causes you to deliver poor work results. Aside from that, it also impacts your mood, making it difficult for you to focus. This is because sleep deprivation can disrupt certain hormones in your brain, including serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol, that affect thought, mood, and energy.

Therefore, it’s always better to live according to how your body is designed; giving it ample time to rest and taking care of it constantly if you want it to function in its best condition the next day.

3. May cause heart disease in the long run

Not having enough sleep increases your chances of getting cardiovascular disease as you age, as studies show that individuals who get seven or less hours of sleep per night have a two or three-fold increase in risk of stroke and heart attack.

When you maintain a fairly regular sleep schedule throughout the week and stay up late on the weekend, it actually does your body more harm than good and can be causing heart disease in the long run. In fact, researchers found that for every hour your sleep schedule shifts, you increase your risk of heart disease by a whopping 11 percent.

4. Weakens your immunity

Our immune system function is so closely tied to our sleep as certain disease-fighting substances are released or created while we sleep. Our bodies need these hormones, proteins, and chemicals in order to fight off disease and infection. Sleep deprivation decreases the availability of these substances leaving us more prone to be attacked by viruses and bacteria we encounter. This can also be the cause to being sick for a longer period of time as our bodies lack the resources to properly fight virus and bacteria that is making us sick.

5. May cause stress

If you seem to be feeling stressed more than ever lately, you might want to look into the amount of sleep time you have been getting recently. Stress symptoms are usually influenced by the amount of sleep you get regularly. Therefore, before you start resorting to sleeping pills and further increase your stress levels, you may want to follow some of the handy tip we have written below.

What should you do to prevent yourself from sleeping late?

A lot of things can be done to avoid your sleeping late habits, such as not exercising before bed, not consuming caffeine a couple hours before you need to hit the sack, reduce the usage of electronic devices, as well as creating the preferred environment for sleeping, like dimming your lights and setting room temperature to a cooler state.

When none of these tips work, sometimes the culprit is your own mind and the stresses inside that prevents your from getting a good night's sleep. When this happens, some people turn into the help of medication to solve their sleepless nights. However, have you ever think that consuming this type of medication long-term would not solve the actual problem and rather adding fuel to the fire instead?

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