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Health 11 November 2017
Oleh: Natasha Tanga

5 Tips to Prevent Knee Pain for Runners


We all know the importance and the benefits exercise can offer for our overall well-being. One of the most common and easiest way to exercise is probably running, and it has proven its popularity, particularly in Indonesia, as more and more people organize running events almost every week. However, just like any other exercise, running alo has a risk coming along with it if you're not careful enough. The risk this activity put to your legs can be bothersome, one of the most common is knee pain. On this week's journal, we are going to give you some important yet easy pointers on how to reduce your risk of getting knee pain and how you can benefit from our Relief Sari Kunyit as a runner.

1. Wear properly fitting shoes 

One of the easiest way to prevent injuries to the lower half of the body is to find a shoe that fits runners' feet correctly. For example, some people have wide widths while others have more narrow feet; a foot scan can help you find the right fit for your foot. Although cushioning is one thing, be warned that expensive pair of sneakers don't necessarily provide runners with adequate support. A lot of running shoes nowadays have little support, thus requiring the user to replace the insoles that come with their sneakers and buy new ones that offer better support. The most important thing is to buy one that has a little rigidity to it. If you can bend the shoes in half easily, they probably may not offer you enough support.

2. Always stretch before running or doing any other exercises

Stretching your muscles is necessary before any run, regardless of the distance or intensity. It is especially beneficial to get your blood flowing and warms up your tendons. Most of the time, frequent runners often underestimate the importance of stretching. In addition to knee injuries, stretching can also help runners prevent hip injuries, shin splints, and foot-cramping. Start at a slow pace and be sure to stretch before and afterwards, to keep your muscles limber and your joints flexible.

3. Add variety to your training.

Focusing on one and only one method of exercise, which is in this case, running, tends to bring the body out of balance. Most of the time, frequent runners end up with hamstrings (back thigh muscles) that are stronger than their quadriceps (front thigh muscles). It is highly recommended to add a more varied workout aside from running, such as core-strengthening workouts to strengthen both the front and the backs of thighs, as well as the muscles of the hips and buttocks.

If you feel like doing something else other than running, you might want to try other cardiovascular exercises, like bicycling or walking, that are easier on your knee joints. 

4. Don’t overdo running 

If you are a beginner to running, don't take on too much too soon. Start out slowly with manageable distances and build your way up from there. For those who frequently run, overtraining can occur from running long distances too often without any breaks in between. Thus, resting is equally important. Incorporating one or two days of rest each week and mixing in a few easy or short runs in with the hard or long ones could benefit your body a lot more than just forcing yourself to take things you're not able to manage just yet. Also, choose your running paths wisely; avoid downhill running or run on softer surfaces like grass instead of hard pavement to avoid stress to the knees.

5. Eat right and benefit from supplements 

Getting the right types of nutrients is important in order to maintain healthy joints. Calcium is one of them, as experts recommend at least 1000 mg of intake per day. Dark green vegetables and dairy products are the best sources of calcium. Additionally, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are often used to maintain joints and repair the cartilage.  

As Herbana frequently endorses the usage of natural supplements, our Relief Sari range of Kunyit is a well-known, powerful antioxidant that can help decrease inflammation. It is especially beneficial when used by runners and other people who do sports, as Kunyit is known to relief muscle stiffness, soreness and improves overall joint maintenance.