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Health 8 September 2017

How to make exercise a habit tips from Gita and Vanessa of Ride Jakarta

As Indonesia’s first indoor cycling studio, Ride Jakarta aims to accommodate Jakarta's urban lifestyle by bringing the fun into a 45-minute cycling - cardio workout without having to feel like a workout. For our journal, we striked a conversation with Gita and Vanessa, instructors at Ride Jakarta, for tips on how to start and maintain a healthy fitness routine.

1. What does wellness mean to you? 

Gita (G): I think it's about being happy with what I have.

Vanessa (V): Wellness is balance between mind body and spirit.

2. How would you describe your fitness routine? 

G: As we only have one body to last a lifetime with, I try to move frequently, be it walking, cycling or martial arts. I don't take my physical wellness for granted. 

V: I work out Monday to Friday early in the morning. A mix of indoor cycling, functional training, powerlifting and crossfit. Sometimes I would add yoga here and there for mobility.

3. For most people, making the decision to start working out can be the hardest step. Do you have any tips on how to jumpstart a fitness routine? 

G: For me, it would be starting small and take baby steps before you can maintain a routine. Be thankful every time you accomplish something, even if it's as simple as walking for 10 minutes daily. 

V: I would suggest commiting to a schedule of 2 hours a week to work out and stick to it like you would to a meeting. Reinforce a self-discipline and do not allow yourself to change this schedule!

4. Making a change towards better fitness & health takes time. Any tips on how to stay motivated to achieve your goals?

G: Always be grateful for being able to take steps towards change, no matter how small. If you did one push-up today, congratulate yourself for taking that positive step forward and keep on going. 

V: Try to find and get involved in a workout community that you feel comfortable with. Having friends with similar vision and building relationships that go beyond the gym will help you stay on track and keeps you motivated.

5. "I'm too busy" is probably the most common excuse for not making time to workout. How would you respond to this excuse? 

G: Well, are you too busy to go to work or too busy to see your kids? In my opinion, everything is a matter of priorities. It's best to figure yours out and then make time to do things you need/want to do.

V: You should rethink your perspective. Since you only have one body to live in the rest of your life, how would a good mind benefit you if your body won't cooperate? How are you going to enjoy the company of friends and family if you have problems walking due to obesity or have a heart condition? I think health is a major investment. Health is wealth.